About Lydia Cotz

Lydia Cotz is a zealous and dedicated attorney when dealing with their client's employment's rights. Lydia represent employees who have experienced discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, whistleblowers and others who have been wrongfully terminated. Ms. Cotz previously served as an EEOC mediator and has acquired skills to help settle her client's claims before litigation becomes too expensive.  In addition, Ms.Cotz is a member of the Press.

She has handled severance and non-compete agreements, and complex breach of employment contract cases. Lydia also represent employees whose rights have been denied under the Family & Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities, Gender and Pay inequity, wage & hour laws, and individuals with First Amendment and other numerous civil rights cases.

Her office offers flexible fee arrangements depending on the circumstances.

Lydia is a zealous advocate when it comes to Divorce, Custody and visitation cases. Ms. Cotz has handled Domestic Violence cases and have been recently appointed as a pool attorney for the Office of Parental Representation against the Division of Child Placement Protection (formerly DYFS).